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Help Needed for NCB Surge Effort


If you are an Optimist member that is capable of making some time over the next six or seven weeks, I really need you to read this.

Mr. Jim Boyd, the Optimist International Strategic Growth Coordinator would really like to revisit the Pacific Northwest. In order to make that visit possible for him we need to get a new club up and ready to charter.

When I introduced the cluster concept last August at convention, I thought we would be screaming with our success stories. That hasn't been the story. So, I need four or five individuals from each zone to do the research into the needs of a community near you, then contact some community doers to see if they can be resources for you while you begin the process of gathering up the soon to be Optimists.

Once you have the names of a portion of your soon to be core group, give me a call and I will pack my bags and call Jim so he can be there to close the deal for you. Our district is in serious need of some new growth and the ability to touch more communities. Please ask your friend and then give me a call. Governor Rick (208) 989-9360.

Monday, May 15, 2017